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To improve lives by bringing citizens and resources together to identify and respond to human service needs in Lancaster County.


Underneath everything we are, underneath everything we do, we are people. Connected, interdependent, united. And when we reach out a hand to one, WE INFLUENCE THE CONDITION OF ALL. 


That's what it means to LIVE UNITED!

United Way News
Day of Caring 2015

Our DAY OF CARING is where we reach out to our partner agencies to see if they or their clients have a need that we can get volunteers for. Most of the request are for painting a room, washing windows, cleaning a car, cutting grass, landscape beautification, book drives, etc. The person making the request is responsible for supplying all materials necessary for the volunteer to complete the project. INDIVIDUALS CAN ONLY SUBMIT A PROJECT REQUEST FORM THROUGH ONE OF OUR PARTNER AGENCIES, this is not open to the general public.

We in turn find volunteers to adopt the projects that have been requested. If you are interested in helping with this DAY OF CARING. Please let us know. We invite everyone that would like to volunteer. This is the 4th year now that we've hosted the DAY OF CARING and everyone receives a blessing from it. You can form a volunteer team with your work group, church group, friends or family.

Board Nominations

United Way of Lancaster County is now accepting nominations for new board members.  If you would like to nominate someone to serve on our board, please contact our office.   Click here for a board member job description.

CIP Volunteers Needed!

The United Way of Lancaster County (UWLC) is seeking applicants to volunteer to serve on the Community Impact Panel.  Panel members will work as a team to develop investment recommendations for 2015-2016. The total time commitment is approximately 10-15 hours from March through May.  Complete the volunteer application and mail to our office at PO Box 56, Lancaster, SC 29721 or fax to 803-285-2844 by February 20th.




 Check out this video for reasons people in your community may need 2-1-1!





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